Jade Gods

Jade Gods

ISBN: 0994428693

ISBN 13: 9780994428691

Publication Date: August 08, 2016

Publisher: Cohesion Press

Pages: 326

Format: Paperback

Author: Patrick Freivald

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As the world frays into occultism and terror, Matt Rowley stands at a crossroads. To rescue his comrade, Isuji Sakura, he must betray the oaths he swore to his country, a country that with every passing day becomes more dangerous to those around him. As Nephilim reveal themselves as modern-day gods demanding sacrifice and worship, Matt's unique abilities draw him away from his wife and son, whose own powers have made them targets of zealots and government extremists. When a killer crosses the veil to seek revenge on Matt for killing him, he brings gibbering horrors into the real world that render life and sanity to slake their insatiable thirst.

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