Corporate Partnerships

At Rise and Lead, we have selected female trainers, workshop facilitators, speakers and coaches who support corporations and policymakers to transform individuals and teams into their highest leadership potential and prevent the leaking pipelines of the female workforce faced by corporations.

We advise corporations on attracting and retaining female talent, overcoming unconscious bias, changing unsupportive corporate cultures and training new managers and executives.
Each corporate offering is custom-designed and based on our client’s needs and objectives.

Are you ready to grow your corporate leadership pipeline, attract and retain your best talent and enjoy the benefit of inclusion?

Partner with us and let us help you achieve your corporate objectives. We will also help you meet your Supplier Diversity program quota by qualifying and certifying women who offer their expertise to support your team, executives, productivity and enhance your overall business performance.

–> Our customizable offerings include but are not limited to:
–>Executive Coaching For Leaders
–>Women’s Leadership Development
–>Diversity & Inclusion Implementation
–>Professional and Career Advancement Coaching
–>New Managers and Executive Training
–>Learning and Development Assessment and Design
–>Strategic Planning and Execution Facilitation
–>Brand Messaging and Communication
–>Social Selling and Digital Transformation
–>Culture and Change Management
–>Stress Management and Self- Care for Leaders
–>Community Building and networking
–>Facilitation and building A Startup Ecosystem

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