The Goon, Volume 1: Nothin' but Misery

The Goon, Volume 1: Nothin' but Misery

ISBN: 1569719985

ISBN 13: 9781569719985

Publication Date: October 20, 2003

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Pages: 160

Format: Paperback

Author: Eric Powell

4.14 of 2,838

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Bones will be broken and heads will roll! The Goon is a laugh-out-loud action-packed romp through the streets of a town infested with zombies. An insane priest is building himself an army of the undead, and there's only one man who can put them is their place: the man they call Goon. Collects The Goon series and The Goon Color Special, originally published by Albatross Exploding Funny Books; presented here for the first time in full color.

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