Goodreads for Authors

Goodreads for Authors

ISBN: 1482689960

ISBN 13: 9781482689969

Publication Date: May 08, 2013

Publisher: Coo Farm Press

Pages: 178

Format: Paperback

Author: Michelle Campbell-Scott

4.27 of 317

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A book for authors and those who are about to publish their books.

Learn how to use Goodreads not just as a member and reader, but as an author. Find out how to make use of the free tools Goodreads provides, including importing a blog, adding videos, starting groups, scheduling a Giveaway, and more.

Goodreads is an ethical, polite place which is populated by people who love books. It isn't just another site to dip in and out of in order to promote your own books. No-one will tolerate authors who jump onboard screaming, "Buy my book".

Goodreads members are, however, welcoming to authors who stick to the rules, join in the fun, and contribute to the site's sense of community and discovery.

That's why this book was written, to give authors a heads-up on how to both blend in and stand out!

It doesn't contain anything you couldn't find by trawling the site's help pages, watching tons of YouTube videos, combing blogs and articles around the Internet. That's what the author and her researcher did - for two months.

Or you could read her condensed version of the information she found to get your Goodreads profile up and running, start joining in on the site, and get back to writing.

As Otis Chandler - one of the site's founders - said, "The author's job is to write a great book and to keep his readers engaged and interested while he writes the next one." Goodreads is a great place to do that.

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